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Watch a video clip of the Barn Burners performing "Whippin' Boy" live in their natural habitat, the Cat's Eye Pub. (Video courtesy of Ines Younkins.)

The Barn Burners outside the Lakeside Lounge in NYC, after their set with guest guitarist Greg Beshers from The Pillcrushers. (Photo courtesy of Janet Mathias.)

Above, Bob blowing harp at Mum's, photo courtesy of Chris Patterson from Leaving, TX. Below, some shots by Liz Malby of the Barn Burners playing a friend's wedding...says Bob: "No danger of us becoming strictly a wedding band anytime soon, although we did work up a pretty decent version of the O'Jays' 'Love Train.'"

CLICK HERE for live shots taken by Barn Burners fan Tim Heaney.


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